We are photographers at heart.  Drones allow us the tools to get our cameras to places we couldn't, only a few years ago.  We have the ability to fly better cameras longer, farther, with more precision, and better image quality than ever before.

Tx A&M University - Alumni

Tx A&M University - Alumni

Orthomosaic Images

The nuts and bolts of our services.  Flying drones in a grid pattern with tremendous overlap allows us the ability to create high definition images of a site without perspective shift found with flying an airplane over a site; but gives the image quality you can't get from commercial satellite images.


3D modeling

The same grid pattern described above can be used to create models.  Because there is so much overlap, specific points are calculated from different angles, thereby indicating elevation.  These points are placed on a 3D grid with the photo images shown.  Faces can be connected between the points to provide a clear and effective model.  Using this same process, we can provide contour line maps for the sites as well.


Thermal Images

The ability to put a thermal image camera in the air has made it possible to inspect and investigate buildings and sites like never before.  On buildings, we can visualize water penetration, vapor leaks, poor insulation, and structural weakness.  In the open we can find wildlife, livestock, pocket fires, vegetative distress and even lost people.


Video Production

With several drones at our disposal, we can choose the right camera for the project, whether that is still images, video or both together.  We worl hard to make your presentation just as professional as you could hope for.